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Mural collaboration with community in Managua, as cultural envoy through US embassy

Mural collaboration with community in Managua

Nicaragua Project, as Cultural envoy for US embassy in Managua, with Meridian International:

also, Meridian blog about mural project in El Viejo

And blog entry about Mural project in Leon

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                                   excited to announce and share work in a brand

new boutique in Paris, in the Bastille section , at 14 rue des Taillandiers, 75011 Paris

                      featuring my corner painting and  designs!!!! @



video by Hale Alen, Artists in Place Documentary series





Instagram: ID pawzant

“NEWSWORKS “article   on npr:


Another publication featuring my work: “100 artists of the MidAtlantic”, by E. Ashley Rooney, Shiffer publishing ,2011






Wall Tattoos(press release)

Exposition du 6 au 30 mai 2010
Performance ouverte au public du 1er au 5 mai 2010, de 19h à 20h
Vernissage le jeudi 6 mai 2010 de 18h à 22h.

Galerie Ligne 13
13 rue La Condamine – 75017 Paris


The Galerie Ligne 13, leaves “carte blanche” to Paul Santoleri to create freely and in public a work-puzzle which will be revealed in the entirety during the opening on Thursday, May 6th, 2010. The artist is going to paint, spray, to draw, and create a space  inspired by the particularities of the place’s vibration!

During 4 days preceding the exhibition Wall Tattoos
From 1st till 5 May from 7 pm till 8 pm
Paul Santoleri invites you in his “evening happening”!

The fragments of this unique work will be sold during the exhibition
which will end on May 30th, 2010.


Paul Santoleri’s dreamlike universe arisen from the spontaneity of the gesture and from the freedom which he leaves with his unconscious to create. Some people will see in him a poetic, moving surrealist of the finger the supernatural as Roberto Matta … Others a mural painting of absurd graffiti in Waldemar Fydrych … The majesty and the technicality of the work of Paul Santoleri acquired a real recognition on the international scene of Street Art today. Based in Philadelphia, he crosses the planet to embellish walls with his colors … In the street, where he collaborates in Philadelphia with the ” Mural Arts Program ” (MAP), but also in museums and in numerous collections around the world.

In 2009, he obtained the financial support of the Foundation Pollock-Krasner Foundation and the American Embassy in Paris and  also the Council of the Arts of Pennsylvania. After two months in residence to the Kohler Factory  in Sheboygan in  Wisconsin, USA he took up residence late in the year in Copenhagen in Denmark, to realize a monumental wall painting in the district of Christiania, on the occasion of the United Nations  COP15 summit on the Climate which was held in December 09.

Contact presse
Isabelle Lebaupain – agence pop!
01  42 93 44 56 – 06 61 32 27 08 –
Exposition réalisée avec la collaboration de Marie Guglielmetti.